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Artwork Instructions

Artwork in digital format should be submitted for any custom order including but not limited to your custom printed ID or membership card, badge reel, lanyard, ID Badge Backer or any custom product order where artwork is required.

Your marketing department is usually the best place to obtain vector-based artwork. 

File Submissions

Vector-based artwork is our preferred file type, as this will produce the best quality finished product.  All text should be converted to curves/outlines.  All embedded bitmap images should be at least 300dpi.  Below is our preferred list of vector-based formats.  Fill colors should be in either CMYK or PMS.

    • Vector-based formats:
      1. PDF
      2. Adobe Illustrator (*.ai)
      3. *.eps
      4. Corel Draw (*.cdr)

    • All text should be saved as curves or outlines
    • Call out PMS number(s) wherever applicable and note that files created using RGB values will be converted to CMYK printing

Color Photos

Make sure files are at least 300dpi for best quality.

Bitmap-based formats:

  • *.tif
  • *.bmp
  • *. jpg


When providing us with artwork that contains images that will bleed over-the-edge of the card, the image/artwork must be provided at 1/8” larger then the final card size.


If vector artwork is not available, IDentiphoto is happy to lay out your design on your behalf.  We charge a $165 minimum fee then bill in 1/4 hour increments at $165/hour.  You may be required to provide us with a business card, letterhead or brochure to enable us to duplicate the appropriate artwork.


If you do not have a digital format of your logo, provide us with the contact information for your marketing department, or contact our art department at 1-800-860-9111.

Artwork Templates

IDentiphoto is happy to provide you with an artwork template to assist you in the creation/submission of your artwork file.  Please contact us to request one.

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