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Identification Solutions

 Identification Solutions Important questions to ask before you buy an Identification Solution

Why ID?

An employee ID card is more than just a plastic card.  It is a security device, a functional tool and an extension of your organization’s image. By producing your own ID cards with our identification solutions you are assuring safety, security and efficiency at your facility. Our identification solutions are available to address your specific requirements whatever your industry; financial, education, health care, government, insurance, corporate or other organization.

The ID card is your tool to easily identify users, privileges and automate processes.

  • Increase physical and logical security
    • Identify who is authorized to be in or around your facility and who is not.
    • Control access to restricted areas, buildings, parking lots and computer networks
  • Enhance your corporate image
    • Let your public know that you are concerned about their safety
  • Prevent fraudulent activity
    • Positive identification to protect people and property
  • Improve productivity and amplify efficiency. Not just for printing names and faces, but a tool that:
    • Identifies attendees and users
    • Tracks time and attendance
    • Automates data collection and reporting
    • Streamlines access control
    • Works in your cafeteria POS or vending machines
    • Grants access to your secured network

Not all solutions are equal. Will this system serve you well into the future?  Proper planning is essential; make sure you look at the big picture and ask yourself these questions.

How do you want the card to look?
-Single vs. dual-sided?
-Oversized vs. credit-card size?
-Monochrome vs. full color?

How long do you want the card to last?
-One year?
-Five years?

How many cards will be issued in a year?
-1 to 500?
-501 to 1000?
-1000 or more?

Will you need to assign different levels of security clearance?

Who should you ID?

Everyone!  A security policy should be put in place that requires the clear identification of everyone, including: employees, volunteers, students, temporary employees, guests, vendors, visitors, contractors, tour groups, inspectors, etc.  If everyone is identified, then anyone in the facility without an ID badge will stand out and be open to challenge.

Low Risk Offer

How does an ID Card Identification System Solution Work?

A complete identification card system is made up of four components.

  1. Software –Creates an ID card design to merge with the information you wish to collect
  2. Digital Camera – Captures the person’s photo which can be automatically loaded into the software and stored with personal demographic data
  3. PVC Card Printer – Combines text, photos and images and prints them directly on a plastic ID card
  4. Peripherals – Driver’s license scanners, for quick data entry, card technology readers for quick record retrieval, devices for capturing signatures, biometrics - fingerprints.

Where can you use your ID Card produced by your Identification System?

To help streamline and secure your business or organization, ID cards produced on an IDentiphoto identification system can be configured for one or multiple applications including:

  • Identification of Authorized Personnel
  • Time & Attendance
  • Door Access
  • POS (point of sale) - cafeterias, vending machines
  • Logical Access - secure PC log-ins
  • Lobby Security – visitor management
  • Credential Checks – role verification

Printers may come equipped to print and encode a variety of technology cards. Be sure to let your ID consultant know which card technologies you use.

Also consider combining multiple technologies into one card to save time and money.

Do you need an identification solution that is easily transported from location to location or site to site?  We can help you go mobile!

Our mobile id card system solutions are perfect for:

  • Event Management
  • First Responder programs
  • Emergency Mustering
  • Construction Sites

Identify, verify and protect with our secure ID card solutions.

Unsure how to begin? Contact one of our ID experts today at 800-860-9111 to learn what solution will best meet your needs.


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