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Identification Systems

Our complete line of ID badging solutions, created to fulfill your most pressing requirements.
Developed to include everything you need to begin producing ID badges upon receipt.  Choose the solution that best meets your needs, and start producing your ID badges with the minimum amount of fuss.


Our high definition reverse transfer printing solution includes everything you need to produce outstanding ID cards.  Ideal for printing technology cards with embedded electronics since the printhead never comes into direct contact with the card.  You will receive perfect ID card prints time after time.


Our 4500Express direct-to-card printing solution is the best choice for your mid to high volume ID badging application.  Highly versatile, the modular design allows organizations to build upon their investment by adding field-upgradable modules. You can add dual-sided printing functionality. Add single or dual-sided holographic image lamination for durability and security. Add HID Proximity encoding (125 kHz), iCLASS Contactless encoding (13.56 MHz), or contact chip encoding. Add a same side input/output ID card hopper.


The 4000Express direct-to-card printing solution for entry-level to mid-range badging applications is the ideal choice when you need the flexibility to grow as your needs change.  Start with a single-sided unit and add dual-sided or encoding modules down the road.  Make an investment with the solution that grows with you!

EntryPoint RFID

The complete identification solution designed to address all your ultra high frequency (UHF) RFID ID card printer and encoding needs.  Completely streamlines the RFID card issuance process, saving you time and money.

IDentiphoto ZXP Series 3 CCW4000CCW or 4500CCW

Simple and versatile identification system solution that produces secure ID card CCW permits.  Replaces inefficient paper legacy systems with an automated system that reduces manual hours.  Produce permits in 85 seconds versus five or more minutes!


Know who is on your job site and create secure ID cards effortlessly.  This mobile solution handles all the identification, tracking and verification functions necessary on your jobsite.  Includes a ruggedized carry-all case.

EntryPoint Mobile EMS

Helping disaster scene and recovery efforts by providing fast and secure ID card credentials for all emergency workers on-site. Includes a ruggedized carry-all case.

Identify - Verify - Track

If your needs are not addressed by one of these complete ID solutions, contact one of our ID system experts today.  Based on your specifications, they will be able to recommend the right identification solution for your needs.

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