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Security Features

Prevent your card from being counterfeited.

Increased security is of utmost importance for organizations, not only to keep people and property safe but to reduce liabilities as well.  A standard photo ID badge produced on white PVC card stock is no longer enough since it may be easily duplicated.  Incorporating a security feature into your existing ID badge can be done for a nominal cost.

Levels of Card Security

Level One – Overt

This first line of defense is a validation feature that can be seen without the use of a special device.  Common level one overt security features are:

  • Holographic Foil – A foil that refracts light and can be embedded into PVC card stock or applied on the surface.  Available in stock or custom designs, it can be a step-and-repeat pattern all over the card or in one central location. 
  • Secure Overlaminate – Security feature that can be applied to your ID card utilizing a direct-to-card/HDP printer with lamination station, or after the fact, with a hand applied overlaminate.  Both types are available in stock or custom designs.
  • Holographic Destructible Sticker –This inexpensive, custom holographic destructible sticker would be applied after the personalization process.  The permanent adhesive used makes it quite evident when the ID badge has been tampered with.
  • Guilloche Pattern – Tiny complex design of intersecting lines that cannot be duplicated or reproduced on desktop printers, or with thermo or dye-sub methods, can be printed on the card before personalization or be part of the overlaminate.

Level Two – Covert

Covert security features are verifiable with simple, inexpensive tests such as viewing an ID badge under a black light or with a magnifying glass.

  • Watermark Technology – Similar to watermarks on currency it can consist of your logo, seal or any artwork you choose placed into a card and is only visible when held up to a light source.
  • Ultraviolet Ink – This ink is only visible when the ID card is viewed under a black light where trained security personnel know what to look for to authenticate the ID badge, making sure it not fraudulent.  Some direct-to-card printers can accomplish this or custom card stock can be purchased.
  • Microtext – Due to the limitations of direct-to-card printers the only way to incorporate microtext is by purchasing custom printed card stock.  With the human eye, microtext appears as a solid straight or curved line, but under magnification the text becomes apparent.  A great way to easily determine if an ID badge is authentic or not.

Level Three – Forensic

The most secure security feature available.  Kept secret, the only way for this type of card to be verified is with a specialized optical scanning device.

  • DNA Matrix™ - One of the most protected card security measures available, it contains a special link that can be tracked back to the card manufacturer.  This feature is nearly impossible to decipher and can only be authenticated using a special hand-held reader.
Not sure what security feature will best meet your needs?  We understand that this decision can not be made lightly and are more than happy to forward samples upon request.  Simply contact one of our ID Consultants today at 1-800-860-9111 to discuss your application in depth.

Just how easy is it to duplicate your ID badge?
Easier and less expensive than you really care to know!

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Level 1 - Overt

Embedded Foil Card

Embedded Foil


 Guilloche Pattern

Guilloche Pattern

Level 2 - Covert



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