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Mobile ID Systems

As specialists in identification, our mobile solutions have been created to address the needs of your most common applications – i.e. event and construction site management, emergency mustering, easy yes/no mobile access control and tracking activity on the fly.


Know who is on your job site and create secure ID cards effortlessly.  This mobile solution handles all the identification, tracking and verification functions necessary on your job site.

EntryPoint Mobile EMS

Helping disaster scene and recovery efforts by providing fast and secure ID card credentials for all emergency workers on-site.


This mobile handheld identity management tool can meet your basic tracking and verification requirements.  This ‘’go anywhere’’ entry access management system was designed to be easy to use and highly user configurable while fitting in the palm of your hand.

PockeTracker K12

Perfect for schools, PockeTracker K12 is the mobile handheld system that provides student information anywhere on campus.  You can check a student’s schedule, monitor violations and detentions and even print a warning slip if using the companion printer option.

EntryPoint Mobile Custom

Customize an affordable mobile handheld system to identify, verify and track your important assets. Contact an ID Consultant today via live chat, email or 1-800-860-9111 to learn more and discuss your application more in depth.

Unsure of what you need?  Contact one of our ID system experts today so we can make certain you receive the right solution for your requirements.

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