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Dual-side ID Card Printers

Dual-side ID card printers are perfect for producing a dual-sided PVC card where additional real-estate is needed for added pertinent information such as call-off phone numbers, mission statement, safety codes and tracking technologies like barcodes. It is also becoming more common to duplicate the front of the ID card on the back. If the ID card flips while being worn, the important information is always visible.

Generally only inches larger then their single-side ID card printer cousins, their footprint easily fits in most workstation areas. Personalization can be done in full-color or monochrome, depending on your needs.

Units are available with a variety of card encoding options such as magnetic stripe, RFID and contact/contactless smart cards. If you donít see the model you need, contact us by phone at 800-860-9111 or chat live now.

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