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Solutions for Corporate

Enhance your company’s security.

Corporations, from small enterprises to Fortune 500 companies, face the same issues - keeping your employees safe, your information secure and your facilities protected. IDentiphoto’s badging, tracking and verification solutions for the corporate environment provide easy ways to identify workers, contractors and visitors, while increasing your efficiency and helping your bottom line.

12 Corporate Security Questions:

Visitor Management

  • Do you know who is in your building?
  • How streamlined is your lobby sign-in procedure?
  • Can you account for all staff and visitors in an emergency evacuation?

Visitor management solutions keep you in control.

Tracking & Verification

  • Are your trade secrets and production processes protected?
  • Can you assure that employee records are only available to authorized individuals?
  • Can you positively identify individuals using your customized criteria?

Tracking and verification solutions help you to manage your information and facility access.


  • Are you looking for an easy way to track attendance?
  • Do you need to protect your facility from vandalism or theft?
  • Do you need to assign varying levels of security clearance?

Identification solutions can be customized for your corporation.


  • Can you access ID card information remotely or are you tied to a lobby desk?
  • Do you need to control physical access on a job site?
  • Are you using the most efficient process for collecting and entering security or attendance data?

Mobile solutions can provide security and information in lobbies and hallways, at events, in garages, at multiple facilities and wherever your business takes you.

Our solutions help address these vulnerabilities. Depending on your needs, you can use our simplest photo identification card-printing system - or we will help you with multifunction solutions such as those for tracking time and attendance, controlling access, and meeting your custom-built requirements.  Our experienced staff can apply the latest ID card technology to help you streamline your procedures.

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