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Solutions for Education

Automated solutions that increase efficiency, lessen the administrative burden and minimize costs.

Improve performance and keep students accountable in your school district, college or university by enabling your students to focus on learning, not disruption or perceived danger.

Identification Solutions

Our ID badging identification solutions not only identify your faculty, administrators, students and visitors but everyone walking through your doors and onto your campus. Identifying everyone helps to ensure the physical safety of your building and its personnel, leaving anyone without the proper credential open to challenge.

  • Campus thefts and vandalism impact students, staff and the school. In many cases, a person carrying a stolen computer can walk off campus unchallenged - even during normal school hours. Fires, broken windows, graffiti and other acts of vandalism interrupt the education process.  Know who is in your school at all times.

Student Accountability Solutions

Students need to be held accountable for their actions, good or bad.  Our mobile solution, configured with logic from your current school polices, empowers all administrators and faculty to accomplish just that, all from the palm of their hand!  Principals, assistant principals and hall monitors can:

  • Issue hall passes, tardy slips and even detentions on the fly with a wireless Bluetooth printer.
  • Scan and recall student information whether you are in the halls, at an event or outside your buildings.
 Pocket Tracker K12

Visitor Management Solutions

Know who is walking your halls!

  • Can you identify everyone - administrative staff, teachers, visitors, volunteers etc.?
  • Have all "guests" in your facility been verified to ensure that they are indeed who they say they are?
  • Issue ID badges for custodial guardians who are authorized to pick up students or act on their behalf.
  • Easily program local information such as temporary restraining orders into your system so you can be alerted to the threat, should the need arise.

Our visitor management solutions are completely modular in design, giving you the flexibility to upgrade easily or add components as your needs change, taking facility security one step further.

Tracking & Verification Solutions

Lessen administrative paperwork and redundancy with our tracking and verification solutions. We can provide the tools you need to easily accomplish:

Include our robust reporting functionality as an added bonus, allowing administrators the ability to easily make rapid decisions based on fact, not gut.

Let IDentiphoto help you identify, verify and track individuals in your school so the focus can remain on learning. Your students and staff deserve a safe environment so they can focus on having a normal school day.  Contact one of our ID Experts today for an in-depth analysis of your needs.

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