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Solutions for Government

IDentiphoto offers cost-effective photo ID badge and card systems for federal, state and local government operations including Emergency Management Systems.  Identify those who do and do not belong in your facility or site, and protect your valuable property.

We can assist you in complying with Federal Guidelines HSPD 12 (Policy for a Common Identification Standard for Federal Employees and Contractors) and FIPS 201 (Personal Identity Verification of Federal Employees and Contractors).

Our complete line of products can provide added security and anti-counterfeiting features for ID cards, including:

  • ID Systems for Card Personalization
  • Holographic Technology
  • Biometric Authentication
  • Smart Chips - Contact and Contactless
Let us help you design a total system for your photo identification needs, including:

Identification Solutions

We can help you operate and maintain a PIV card authentication and personal identity verification system utilizing the common ID layout and technology for interdepartmental operability. Tailor your system for quick processing, easy identification at a glance and other features.

Visitor Management Solutions

Assure visitor control and lobby security with identification badges, including expiring time-dependent badges.

Tracking & Verification Solutions

Track attendance and compile records.  Link to government watch lists and security alerts.  Assure that everyone is accounted for in an evacuation. Know who is in your facility.

Mobile Solutions

Ideal for first responders, crisis management and disaster recovery.  Manage resources and people at FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) sites. Link multiple facilities to central data systems.

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