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Solutions for Healthcare

Healthcare facilities process new patients and the multitude of visitors who accompany them plus vendors, contractors and volunteers. Identifying all personnel is a top priority when patient and workforce safety is at stake - in addition to safeguarding expensive assets to prevent tampering and theft.

Identification Solutions

Our ID badging identification solutions allow you to produce an ID card that not only identifies staff but is the tool that allows you to automate processes such as:

  • Time and attendance
  • Facility access
  • Cafeteria payment system
  • Logical Access – HIPAA compliance
Combine your staff ID card with our ID Badge Backers and increase the visibility of your staff titles plus keep important information handy such as call codes, important numbers and procedures!

Mobile Solutions

Instantly extend organizational knowledge into the field. Simply scan to get real-time access to critical backend systems plus the ability to interact with applications that provide the latest information, enable updates, and relay critical data.

  • Perfect for emergency mustering

Visitor Management Solutions

Today, more than ever before, knowing who is in your building at all times is of paramount importance, not only in preventing tragedy but in case of an emergency.

  • Does your current process maintain a profile for each visitor, vendor, contractor or volunteer, including name, address, current photo, when and why the person visited your facility?
  • Are all visitors required to wear a visitor badge of some sort so personnel can challenge anyone without the proper visible credential?
  • Can a dossier of all visitors, vendors, contractors and volunteers be accessed quickly in the event of an emergency, where evacuation must take place?

Tracking & Verification Solutions

Lessen the administrative paperwork and redundancy with our tracking and verification solutions.  Providing you with the tools you need to easily:

  • Track important assets - equipment, individuals, etc.
  • Verify that said individual belongs ensure their identity.

We can provide a photo ID card solution that helps deliver improved patient care as well as safety and efficiency. Our ID Consultants can help you to both determine your needs and implement a system that ties the simple ID card to a multitude of uses defined by you.

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