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Tracking & Verification Systems

Take your identity management system further with our card based tracking and verification solutions allowing you to easily verify and track whatever you need.

EPIC Track

A web-based tracking application that requires NO software installation and NO server or database to manage! 

It provides you with the means of tracking people, places, and assets from any web-enabled device, such as a tablet or Smartphone.  The flexible configuration allows you to configure events and track more efficiently by gathering the data specific to you.  Tracking made EASY by linking people, places, and things to an activity.  Activities like logging in/out of an event, entry in/out of location, and associating people and items.

EntryPoint VMS

Complete system that allows you to enhance your facility security by giving you the ability to print ID badges and track everyone.  Scan, verify and print!

Available in four versions to meet your needs!

Lobby Track

Offers you all the necessary tools to manage several individual member groups, issue ID cards and track attendance.  Centralized management and networked data-sharing and reporting makes it easy to deploy across multiple stations and locations.


Offers you perimeter security with positive identification of employees, contractors, students, visitors, etc.  Complete solution with tools to design card layouts, enroll individual cardholders, print and issue ID cards.


Sign-in and badge visitors quickly while capturing enough information to maintain a high level of security while enhancing your corporate image.


Know who is on your job site and create secure ID cards effortlessly.  This mobile solution handles all the identification, tracking and verification functions necessary on your job site.

EntryPoint Mobile EMS

Helps disaster scene and recovery efforts by providing fast and secure ID card credentials for all emergency workers on-site.


Gives you the ability to easily verify an individual’s status, check their credential or simply log that they were at a specific location and attended an activity.  Ideal for time and attendance data collection that can be integrated with its companion hand held version PockeTracker mobile ID solutions.

RapIDtrack K12

Processing tardy students and issuing detentions has never been easier!  The school administrative solution that takes the paperwork and headaches out of attendance and behavior violations by providing a simple and automated way of reporting behavior and compliance.

Asset Track

Allows you to easily track all assets in your facility.  Record supplier and user information.  Check assets out to people in your active directory or human resources system and know where the asset is located.


Replaces inefficient legacy paper systems with an automated system allowing you to quickly and easily enter data accurately, look up data already entered and quickly produce durable plastic permit cards.

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