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Visitor Management Systems

Take your identity management system further with our card based tracking and verification solutions allowing you to easily verify and track whatever you need.

Lobby Track

Visitor management software that allows you to identify, verify, and track visitors with ease!  Ideal for those just implementing a visitor management system for the first time or for those who want to take their visitor management program to the next level.

This easy to use application is available in your choice of Standard or Premier.  Both versions provide you with the ability to quickly access an evacuation report for a quick accounting of "who's in" your building.  In addition, you can maintain your own unique watch list (irate ex-employees, non-custodial parents, etc.) or access a third party watch list for an annual fee.


Offers you perimeter security with positive identification of employees, contractors, students, visitors, etc.  Complete solution with tools to design card layouts, enroll individual cardholders, print and issue ID cards.


Sign-in and badge visitors quickly while capturing enough information to maintain a high level of security and your corporate image.

Visitor Pass Registry Books

Manually issued expiring badges contained in a convenient all-in-one book. Self-expiring badges prevent reuse while visitor confidentiality is maintained by not allowing visitors to view other previous visitors.

Self-Expiring Badges

Use self-expiring badges in your existing visitor management program to easily identify those who do not belong. Available in manual and direct-thermal formats.

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